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We have a big dream, we want to support children to win in their life, becoming successful, and this is how we do it.

  • Step 1: We connect your child to our coach
  • Step 2: He/she will start exploring different industries and learn business skillset
  • Step 3: Your child being the leader of the pack!

Imagine if your child is confident, happy and understand his/her capabilities, able to outshine and inspire the world, and have a purpose and direction in life! The best part? Your children will thank you for providing them the opportunity to learn from business owners!

How your children can thrive through unforeseen dynamics
💡 We build your children’s Entrepreneur mindset and character
👨🏻‍💼 We connect children with Entrepreneurs to receive professional guidance
🏭 We expose your children to more than 70+ industries
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Can you imagine your child starting his/her own business at the young age of 7?

AI Talent - International is an Entrepreneur Training Platform for children aged 7-17 to experience running a business at the safety and comfort of their own homes. Children are able to learn-own-run REAL businesses in collaboration with our corporate sponsors.


We train children to be entrepreneurs, by exposing them to Business, Fashion, Food Manufacturer, Legal Firms, Developers, IT, 3D Animation, Robotics, Coding to Venture Capital, and etc.

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Current Industrial Project
Three Tiers Ice-Cream
Ice-Cream Making

Homebased Ice-Cream Business

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Upcoming Project
Shoe Design Business
Shoe Design Business

Online Shoe Retail


We train your child to be more competitive

We discover your children’s strength(s) and talent(s)

We increase your children’s confidence by incorporating entrepreneurial skills

 Our Impact 
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> 120+ education businesses across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philipines, Taiwan and Japan.
> 300+ online teachers trained
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> 600+ students
> 70+ corporate partners
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Cover page of the PDF e-book, '7 Steps to Build Childpreneur from Home'

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