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Can you imagine your child starting his/her own business at the young age of 7?

AI Talent – PDC is an Entrepreneur Training Platform for children aged 7-17 to experience running a business at the safety and comfort of their own homes. Children are able to learn-own-run REAL businesses in collaboration with our corporate sponsors.


We train children to be entrepreneurs, by exposing them to Business, Fashion, Food Manufacturer, Legal Firms, Developers, IT, 3D Animation, Robotics, Coding to Venture Capital, and etc.

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Current Industrial Project
Three Tiers Ice-Cream
Ice-Cream Making

HomeBased Ice-Cream Business

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Upcoming Project
Shoe Design Business
Shoe Design Business

Online Shoe Retail

 Our Impact 
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> 70+ education businesses across Malaysia and Thailand

> 170+ teachers trained

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> 600 students

> 35+ corporate partners

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 Our System 
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Coach Hoh

I'm a coach who teaches AI Talent and I see the progress of the children doing, editing, reediting to get the outcome they wish. I see them gradually understand the needs of good communication and cooperation among team members in order to achieve their goals. They also learn to delegate tasks among themselves. The qualities they learned and owned throughout the entire participation will surely benefit them in future. I'm glad to be involved in this system to provide kids the opportunity to excel and face the challenges of IR4.0. I, myself, am also going through a learning and relearning process to be a better person, a better coach.

Principal Yee

I've been running this system in my education business/center and have noticed a significant improvement in all the children in my center. My children are very motivated to finish up their daily school homework and our tuition work so that they can quickly begin this AI Talent project. After running the system for 6-months, the students academic results have proven to improve also, because their attitude towards learning have improved in all angles. The parents are all happy and begin to introduce more children to my center. Thank you AI Talent - PDC for giving us this platform to grow our children's talents.

Parent YY

My child has been asked to do commercials for my friends business after the LSH project in AI Talent - PDC. My husband and I never realised that our child have such talent. Her academics also improved because every day she is motivated to finish up all her schoolwork and then spend time planning and discussing project details with her teammates. She cannot stop telling us the details everyday. It is important for us to see how much she enjoy learning in a team, and still able to improve her school work together.


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