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Artificial Intelligent (AI-SME) Preparation Package

Teacher: Dr Nicholas Wong
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Artificial Intelligent (AI-SME) Preparation Package many SME’s have yet to begin planning their organization’s people, processes, and even business strategies for the inevitable Industrial Revolution 4.0. This phenomenon happens because many SME’s does not have an AI-Ready Information Technology Officer; some SME also have not realized the potential impact of Artificial Intelligent (AI) towards their industries and market. We have a team of over 70 Information Technology (IT) personnel with the ability for Full-Stack Development to full AI-Upgrades for your organization. However, this product mainly customized to SME’s who are just beginning to plan their AI-Readiness Strategies without actually hiring your own IT-Director. We will provide the following modules: –


A How is AI going to impact my Business?

  1. How will AI impact my People (Top to Bottom) – What will happen to my people?
  2. What training is needed for business & people to benefit from AI-Revolution?
  3. What type of Data my business has now?
  4. What type of Data my business needs to start collecting?
  5. Where else can we grow using our data?
  6. How can my people improve the AI that we will be using?
  7. My 1st AI-Prototype (An actual Business-Ai prototype based on your requirement)