Background image with 4 toddlers hugging each other as a group. A stock image obtained from,	photographed by Archie Binamira.


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 Past and Current Projects 

AI Talent PDC

Entrepreneur Training Platform

Picture of children creating marketing material for Lee Shun Hing.

Food Industry


Duration: Sep 2019 – Dec 2019

Industry: Food Industry

Project: Children created marketing videos for food industry and enhanced their creativity.

Children's drawing of a mascot.

3D Animation

Mascot Design

Duration: Jan 2020 – Mar 2020

Industry: Animation

Project: Children chose a company of their liking to design a mascot for the company.

Spokesman of Sweetlifez company.

Medical Field

COVID-19 Special Project

Duration: Apr 2020

Industry: Medical / Healthcare

Project: COVID-19 prevention measures and creative ideas on what to do while staying at home.

Eco-friendly products made by CMEco Ventures.


Circular Economy Project

Duration: May 2020 – Jun 2020

Industry: Environmental

Project: Children provides solution on circular economy and learn on how to protect Mother Earth.

Cubio, the little robot.

Coding & Robotics

Build Your Own Air Sensor

Duration: Jul 2020 – Sep 2020

Industry: Coding & Robotics

Project: Children build their own air sensor with robotics set and they learn how to code an app to study the air quality data.

A small bucket of ice-cream.

Homemade Ice-Cream

Run Your Own Ice-Cream Business

Duration: Oct 2020 – Feb 2021

Industry: Confectionery

Project: Experiment different flavours of ice cream, learn how to package them and start their own ice cream business by learning how to sell from video marketing expert.

Future Projects

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Shoe Design

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Financial Market

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Background picture featuring 3 children with happy faces. A stock image obtained from, photographed by	Samer Daboul.